Our objective is to represent everything that’s fantastic about getting on the water, from the technical elements of rec and exploring to the pure rush of whitewater. We guarantee all our kayaks with the guarantee of the greatest levels of quality, from preliminary design to end performance. Our well-informed staff and your local authorized dealership can help you with any problems and help you return on the water as rapidly as possible. We also supply a growing variety of online resources to help you rapidly find what you’re trying to find.

This displays in the range of people that are happy to call SUSQUEHANNA STRINGS, and our extensive line of product. From the mountains to the sea, you’ll see us around, always pressing to master moving water much better than the day before.

We’re a company that started in a small shop with a dirt space floor. A couple of paddling friends working relentlessly to kickoff a young paddling market doing what they loved. Take a look at us today, and we are happy we have not truly changed a heck of a lot from those core concepts. The faces are different, and the family is growing, but it’s still just a group of people who love to paddle and construct boats that others love to paddle.